What we do

We are a non-profit offering support, design, coordination, and research to develop a local building project or social enterprise that will provide services and opportunities for your home community.

Who we help

Individuals with a local family connection to the project development area.  It's important to us that you still have family living in the development area.  These family members will be part of our project team and will eventually be take over and manage the development after it's complete.

How we help

We brainstorm with you to create business proposals and development plans.  Working closely with your local family members, we implement those plans through site preparation and construction.  Project costs are covered by fundraising efforts including public campaigns, individual donations, and any funds you may have allocated for remittances.  All our projects employ local labor and utilize locally-produced materials as much as possible.  We want each project to provide training and job opportunities to everyone in the village. 

Why we help

We believe in our responsibility to our families and in finding ways to empower local communities.  Development should be initiated by the community with community effort.  We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and the opportunities it can provide.  Finally, we believe in leaving a place better than we found it and in our responsibility to the places that have shaped us.