Site Selection

Apirede Phase 1 began with the site already chosen and purchased.  It was of modest size, around 100' x 100', with a gentle slope towards the main road.  Fully grown banana trees and high grasses completely covered the site, evidence of Apirede's fertile soil and tropical climate.

Site Preparation and Clearing

Once site planning and design were complete we hired a local excavator to clear the site and prepare for construction.

Brick Fabrication

Mud bricks were produced using local techniques and dried in the sun.  Bricks were assembled before the construction process and additional bricks were created using the earth excavated during site clearing.

Construction and Finishing

Construction was completed within a month.


Fully Operational Corn Mill

Villagers bring corn to the mill to be processed into corn meal.  Equipment is operated by the client's nephew and other trained employees.  

Supporting the Banku Business

Banku is a popular Ghanaian dish that many women in the village cook.  The mill services allow local women to process their secret recipe grain mix to make banku in their homes.  After cooking up a delicious banku meal, these entrepreneurial women can sell it around the village for extra income.